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Why EnviResin

The conventional way of cleaning glass pipes and accessories can often do more harm than good. The use of isopropyl, boiling water, and abrasive salts to clean your glass pipes and other equipment can introduce several health and environmental hazards that can wreak havoc over time.

At EnviResin, we have a better alternative. Our natural, non-toxic glass cleaning products have been scientifically engineered to thoroughly remove unwanted resin and tar buildup. Whether it be glass water pipes, wine bottles, rigs, or handheld devices, EnviResin can cleanse it with ease. Our products don’t use harsh chemicals, are safe for the environment, and won’t cause any health issues.

Cannabis Cleaners

Every day we learn more about the toxicity of isopropyl alcohol and the dangers it presents to the environment. Every day millions of smokers use this poison to clean resin from their glass pieces! Save yourself and the world we love: Keep rubbing alcohol, acetone, and other volatile organic compounds out of your bong, dab rig or pipe!

We carry only earth-friendly resin cleaners that we’ve tested ourselves for safety and effectiveness. If we wouldn’t use it to clean our own, personal pieces, we won’t sell it to you! Use one of our cleaners below and start getting the most out of your smoke.

Cleaning Accessories

Ever wish you could find everything you needed to clean your smoking device in one place? So did we; and then we did something about it! EnviResin has gathered everything you need to make your bong, rig or pipe squeaky-clean. Don’t ever suffer the foul taste and stench of a dirty bubbler, recycler, bong or rig again.

Use our res caps with a non-toxic cleaner to shake the resin out of your water pipe fast. How do you clean the bottom of your water pipe? Use our reusable magnetic scrubbers. And make those stubborn spots sparkle with Resin Rags or Pipe Stix by Higher Standards. Buy them all and keep your pipes clean for years!

Resin Guards

You finally got your water pipe clean! It looks just like it did when you first bought it: A spotless water pipe or dab rig with crystal clear water that sparkles and projects slivers of rainbows throughout the room! The bad news? This pipe was made for smoking. As soon as you use it, it’s going to be dirty again.

You don’t need to scrub your water pipe every day to keep it looking gorgeous. Resin guards prevent resin from building up on your water pipe, recycler, or bubbler by surrounding and neutralizing the microscopic particles of tar and keeping them in the pipe’s water. Simply change your water pipe water as usual, and the resin will rinse out easily. Get a resin guard and keep your glass, acrylic or silicone water pipe clean for months!



All of our products are safe for both you and the environment. Click here to learn why you shouldn’t be using isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.


Nature produces our medicine, it just makes sense to also clean our medicinal accessories and equipment using products derived from nature.

Save the planet

As the industry grows, more and more people every day may be subjecting themselves and the environment to harmful practices.