The EnviResin Difference

EnviResin specializes in offering cannabis cleaners and tools that are eco-friendly, effective, and non-toxic. Cannabis is used because of its distinctive taste and its positive medical effects, but these benefits are minimized when pipes and bongs aren’t cleaned properly, or when harmful chemicals like isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) are used. Our products can thoroughly clean your pipes, bongs, dab rigs, extraction tubes, and even clothing without the use of harsh solvents or ingredients. Our cleaners use pure ingredients that can aggressively clean different surfaces while maintaining the integrity of your cannabis device.

Our Products Give The Best Clean

Resin and tar debris can devastate your health if your cannabis device is not properly cleaned. Our cleaners and tools can get your device to appear and smell brand new. Our products were carefully crafted in a lab and were engineered to quickly and efficiently clean multiple surfaces and materials. It’s not an exaggeration to state that we have the most reliable and convenient cleaners on the market.

Our Products Are Safe To Use

Chemicals like isopropyl can damage your health and your cannabis device. Isopropyl is a harsh, abrasive chemical that can wear down your bong or pipe, and it can cause a flurry of respiratory problems if it’s consistently inhaled. None of the products offered by EnviResin include isopropyl or any other harsh chemical, making it a safe and painless process to clean your cannabis devices.

Our Products Are Eco-Friendly

Our products contain none of the hazardous ingredients of other commercial or homemade cleaners. All our cleaners are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which means that they’re safe for you and the environment. Chemicals like alcohol and acetone have a high flash point—making them extremely flammable and dangerous to use. Our cleaners have an extremely low flash point—making them simple and safe to use.

Choose EnviResin

Our products are for cannabis connoisseurs who want to preserve their health, increase the longevity of their cannabis equipment, and care for the environment. We believe in creating better experiences for our customers—whether it be from making the ordering process a breeze or offering the best products to suit their needs.