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Piece Water

The Piece Water Company follows a very straightforward, yet important mission: To provide a safe and effective product that will make people’s lives easier by eliminating smelly bong water and present a safe way to maintain your water pipe without the use of dangerous chemicals. Piece Water produces a wonder liquid that does precisely that!

All Natural Bong Water Alternative

Piece Water isn’t a water pipe cleaner. It’s a specially formulated, all natural bong water alternative that keeps your bong clean between cleanings. Piece Water stops resin from collecting on the inside of your water pipe, bubbler, percolator, dab rig or bong, allowing you to keep your favorite piece pristinely clear and ready to display like the work of art that it is. Extend time between cleanings, keep your hits tasting fresh and say goodbye to stale bong water.

Piece Water isn’t just a cleaning tool; it will change the way you smoke. Piece water’s non-toxic formula traps smoke, ash and other particulate matter inside the bong where it belongs, making every hit smoother and cleaner than tap water ever could. Because it’s more viscous than water, your draw will be deeper, and you’ll be able to pull richer smoke. Best of all? It won’t taint the flavor of your smoke like cleaners with harsh solvents would.

How It Works

Using Piece Water is easy! Just clean your piece as usual, but instead of filling the chamber with water fill it with the same amount of Piece Water. Smoke or dab from your piece as usual and, after dozens of uses, marvel at how clean your prized water pipe is and how pure the flavor of its smoke. When it’s finally time to give your piece a bath, leave your solvents, brushes and abrasives in the cabinet. Just empty your bong, rinse it with tap water and refill it with more Piece Water. Piece of cake!