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Resolution Colorado

Resolution was formed in 2015 with the goal of catering to the refined consumer who wishes to keep their glass clean and clear. Clean glass means a cleaner, tastier and more enjoyable smoke as well as a smoking piece that you’d be proud to display. Resolution’s bong and pipe cleaners are nontoxic, environmentally friendly and, most importantly, they work! In less than a half hour, you can make your filthy, stinky resin encrusted water pipe sparkle like brand new.

We are thrilled to provide our customers with Resolution’s finest bong and pipe cleaning products!

Resolution Gel Glass Bong & Pipe Cleaning Solution

Res Gel is a powerful cleaning solution designed to cut through the most stubborn resin buildup on glass, quartz, metal or silicone using a minimum of time and effort. The solution comes in a ziplock pouch with a pour spout in order to clean your glass in two ways. Small pipes, bowls or downstems can be cleaned easily by opening the bag and soaking them in the solution. Recyclers, bubblers, bongs and dab rigs are returned to their crystal clear state by pouring a small amount of the gel directly into the piece and rotating to coat it completely. Whichever method you use, let Res Gel coat your glass for 5-30 minutes, then rinse with tap water and wipe them down. You’re done!

Res Gel is clay based, so you can rinse it down the drain without worry for the environment. And it’s non-toxic, unlike the harsh solvents often used to clean cannabis pipes by the careless smoker.

Resolution Caps Bong Cleaning Caps

Res Caps were Resolution's original product, and they’re still huge sellers! Res Caps are silicone lids that protect your bong in several ways:

  • Cleaning – Res Caps seal the mouthpiece and downstem of your bong, allowing you to fill it with a cleaner, shake like heck and rinse it out. This gets your bong clean quickly while avoiding a nasty mess.
  • Carrying/storage – Res Caps seal your bong for travel and long-term storage, avoiding spills and protecting it from dust and dirt.
  • Scent stopping – Res Caps completely block odor for those who are between cleanings.
  • Protection – Res Caps’ soft silicone may protect your bong from some tip-overs.

Res Caps come in a variety of colors for those who are picky about that sort of thing. Each kit comes with one large cap designed to cover large mouthpieces and two small caps for joints, down stems and small mouthpieces

Res Caps Glass Bong and Pipe Cleaning Kit

Like ebony and ivory, Res Caps and Res Gel work together in perfect harmony. We sell starter kits including 1 or 3 Res Gel packs and Res Caps in your choice of color. Anyone who’s got a dirty bong needs one of these kits! Depending on how often you clean, Res Gel should last you at least 6 months of regular use and Res Caps will last many years with care.

Stop boiling, scraping and shaking your pipes back to life! Clean your pipes easily with Resolution.