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Scrubber Duckys

Scrubber Duckys is a company that was formed to provide a solution to a very common problem among cannabis enthusiasts – how do you clean the inside of a bong or water pipe?

Scrubber Duckys are one of those ingenious products you see and say, “It’s so obvious, why didn’t I think of that?” They provide a way for owners of fine, glass water pipes to scrub areas that would be nearly impossible to clean in any other way.

Scrubber Duckys Bong Magnets are actually a two-part system: A magnetic duck covered in an abrasive material and a magnetic rubber wand. To use, you simply drop a duck into your water pipe and use the wand to steer the duck wherever you need it to go. Powerful magnets keep the duck pressed firmly against the glass wall, allowing you to scrub even the toughest of residue from the inside of your piece. The ducks are dual sided and, with a little practice, you can flip the duck at will using the wand’s different polarities. When one side is dirty, the other side can be used without pulling it out of the pipe. And the ducks are washable, making them durable and long lasting.

Scrubber Duckys will also make short work of cleaning your glass decanters, vases, carboys, bottles, lab equipment etc.

Scrubber Duckys Bath Water Cleaner

Bath Water is an all-natural formula that dissolves sticky buildup from a glass, ceramic, acrylic, metal or quartz surface on contact. Bath Water can be used in many ways:

Heated up and used as a simple soak for your small pipes, dugouts, bangers, downstems, etc. Simply heat the Bath Water, soak the piece, rinse and repeat.

Poured into the chamber of your water pipe and shaken to release the build-up.

Combine Bath Water cleaner and Scrubber Duckys magnets to give your glass the perfect clean!

Scrubber Duckys Bath Water is concentrated, so a little bit goes a very long way.

Super Scrubber Duckys Combo Pack

For the perfect clean, you can’t go wrong with the Super Combo Pack. This kit includes everything you need to make your bong look like new. As you’d expect, this kit includes three hardworking Scrubber Duckys, a magnetic wand and the resin-blasting power of Bath Water. As an exciting bonus, you also get a package of mini eggs miniature scrubbers. These tiny tools work much like Scrubber Duckys while their tiny size allows them to get to every last percolator, stem, and corner of your bong.