Product and Cleaning FAQ


Why should I buy your cleaner when I can use alcohol and salt?

While it’s true that alcohol and salt are readily available, it’s far from the best way to clean your bong or pipe. Alcohol-based cleaners tend to be abrasive, which can damage your equipment, and your health, over time. Using our cleaners is a much safer option.

What are VOCs, and why do they matter?

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are compounds that have a high vapor pressure and low water solubility. The high vapor pressure causes molecules to be emitted as gasses from certain solids or liquids (e.g. isopropyl). These VOCs are pollutants that can have short- and long-term effects on someone’s health. Chemicals like isopropyl are extremely high in VOCs, which can cause problems if it’s continually used to clean your glass and equipment.

How often should I clean my water pipe?

For many users, it can be difficult to know when to clean your water pipe. We suggest tailoring your cleaning schedule based on your usage. If you’re a heavy consumer, cleaning it once every one or two days can be the best. If you’re a moderate user, the simplest approach would be to clean your piece after each use.

Besides glass water pipes, what else can your products clean?

Our products can clean a wide variety of related surfaces devices: water pipes, extraction tubes, oil and rigs, grinders, sinks, and even fabric. Our cleaning products are more versatile than traditional cleaning materials like isopropyl and abrasive salts.

How fast do your products clean?

Most commercial cleaners require users to soak their pieces in their solution 24 hours. Many of the cleaners that we offer, on the other hand, can clean pieces within 15-30 minutes.

Why are your products better for the environment?

At EnviResin, we ensure that we only offer environmentally safe, biodegradable products. Our products are absent of many of the harsh solvents and chemicals commonly found in other commercial cleaners. Our products are low in VOCs, which reduces the impact to indoor and outdoor air quality.