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Bong Water Pipe Cleaners

Environmentally safe and non-toxic bong cleaners and cleaning solutions.

Do you want to spend hours scrubbing your bong with hazardous solvents, old rags, and coat hangers? Of course not, especially since they never get your glass completely clean. We’ve elected to sell only bong-cleaning solutions that we trust to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic (as well as remarkably effective!) If we wouldn’t use these cleaners on our bongs, we don’t bother selling them to you.

Any of our cleaners can be used in conjunction with Res Caps or Higher Standards Tube Tops. Simply pour the liquid into your bong, cap all openings, shake vigorously, pour it down the drain and rinse well. That’s it! Most bongs will look beautiful and new after one treatment and a quick wipe. Sometimes stubborn resin buildup will cling to the bottom of your base where you just can’t reach it. No sweat! Just drop in a Scrubber Ducky and direct it magnetically to scrub out even the toughest grime. Your bong will be crystal clear and odor free.

Keep your bong looking brand new with one of our non-toxic resin guards.

Res Gel Glass Bong & Pipe Cleaning Solution

Res Gel by Resolution is a very powerful and versatile glass and metal cleaner. It’s clay based and is extremely low in volatile organic compounds making it one of the greenest cleaners available. Res Gel comes in a nifty pouch that allows it to be used in two ways. First, you can rinse your bong by using the screw-top pour spout and capping your piece with Resolution’s Res Caps. You can also open the pouch’s zip top, drop your bong’s bowl and downstem in, zip it, shake it, remove it and rinse. The gel can be reused many times this way before you’ll need a new bag.

Klear Kine Cannabis Cleaner Bundle

The American made Klear Kine line of cleaners can either be purchased individually or packaged together in a powerful cleaning suite. Kryptonite is their flagship cleaner and is perfect for cleaning the inside of resin crusted water pipe. Kryptonite has the distinction of being the only bong cleaner that has passed Colorado Health and Safety Board tests. Naked is currently the only bong cleaner on the market that is 100% free of any dyes or perfumes.

Klear Kine Cannabis Extractor Cleaner is formulated for professional uses such as cleaning sticky buildup from CO2 extractors, rosin presses or harvesting equipment. But something this strong has plenty of everyday uses for the average cannabis consumer. Use it to clean your butane extractor tubes, dab mat, grinder… everything. It works great in the kitchen and around the home too!

Scrubber Ducky Bath Water Concentrate

Scrubber Ducky is a concentrated bong cleaner that works naturally to clean any glass piece. Bongs, pipes, chillums, steamrollers, bubblers…. give them all a bath! Use Scrubber Ducky and taste the difference on your next puff! You’ll also be pleased with how well it cleans titanium, ceramic and quartz. Just dilute with water in a small container, drop in your resin caked nails and 20 minutes later you’ll be dabbing on a shiny, new nail.

Don’t forget the Scrubber Ducky Starter Kit to scrub the inside of your bong to a shine!